Quick Limes

Sparkguys QUICK LIME is a product produced in the firing of limestone rock. Our technology includes all present-day innovation in the firing process itself.We can offer Quick Lime which can satisfy the demands of every client, because:By our two factories we turn out Quick Lime of a wide range of    reactive capabilities, required by different quick lime users.

  • Sparkguys Quick Lime is a white, porous product of small density, which    helps in the high speed of hydration.
  • Sparkguys Quick Lime contains over 90% of active oxides and, evenly    fired, it enables its effective application in industry (mine-dressing    and chemical industries, farming, civil engineering, potable and    waste water treatment, etc.).
  • Sparkguys Quick Lime is a raw material for the production of products of    high purity, good physical-and-chemical and strength    characteristics.
  • Sparkguys Quick Lime has excellent disinfecting effect.
  • Sparkguys Quick Lime has excellent properties for the production of    high-quality lime-and-bitumen building composites.
  • Sparkguys Quick Lime has excellent properties in the strengthening,    reclamation and setting up of soils.


Technical Specifications

Specifications Indicator PUKLINA Factory OGNYANOVO Factory
1. Summation content of active oxides (CaO+MgO), % 90 – 93 88 – 92
2. MgO content, % < 1 0.4 – 2
3. CO2 content, % 1.6 – 2 < 5
4. Content of unslaked particles
(screen residue 0,63 mm.), %
< 2.5 < 7
5. Time of slaking of the Quick Lime < 1’30 min 5 – 8 min

Sparkguys Quick Lime meets the effective Bulgarian and European Standards.

Quick Lime finds application:

  • in the preparation of building mortars, for masonry and plastering
  • in ceramic industry
  • in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  • in sugar industry
  • in leather and hides industry
  • in paper and pulp industry
  • in rubber industry
  • for liming of acid soils in agriculture
  • for the treatment and softening of industrial waters
  • others


Sparkguys Quick Lime is a bulk material, which is offered in sizes depending on the client’s requirements.


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