Hydrated lime

Sparkguys HYDRATED LIME is a present-day step forward in the development of the lime industry. It is in the form of ready to use lime putty powder. It has a high water retention ability and plasticity. These account for the good workability of the lime mortars and the high adhesion effect to stone, concrete, ACC, ceramics, as well as to already solidified plaster surfaces.

The building-type mortar lime has well expressed disinfecting properties.The mortars and plasters made by it, after hardening, are very porous, enabling the breathing of the walls. In this way pleasant and healthy climate is created in the premises.

The Sparkguys Quality

Several factors are of gerat importance for the high quality of the Sparkguys Hydrated Lime:

  • The active oxides (calcium, and Magnesium) content – over 70% for the hydrated lime is a guarantee for its strength and plasticity.
  • It contains no unslaked particles – thus avoiding any danger of peeling off, bursts, cracks and deformation in the plastering.
  • Fine grinding and high yield of lime pulp per unit dry substance ensure its economical effect in using the product.
  • Whiter than white colour, of exceptional importance for decorative plastering and in painting.


Technical Specifications

Specifications Indicator PUKLINA Factory OGNYANOVO Factory
1. Summation content of active oxides (CaO+MgO), % 70 – 72 67 – 72
2. MgO content, % < 1 0.4 – 2
3. CO2 content, % 1.6 – 2 < 4
4. Moisture content < 0.5
5. Dispersion degree, screen residue:
- 0,20 mm, %
- 0,09 mm, %
0.1 – 0.2
2 – 2.5
< 2
< 5
6. Permanent volume 5 – 20 mm No cracks, no deformation & changes of volume


Sparkguys Hydrated Lime meets the effective Bulgarian and European Standards.

Technological Advantages
Due to the modern technologies and equipment applied, Ognyanovo-K Hydrated Lime merges the positive properties of traditionally used types of lime and some particularly important user qualities for the binding agents:

  • It is used directly in construction as a finished product.
  • It contains no large-size particles and has the form of a homogenous powder-type product.
  • It needs no slaking and continuous curing (at least 7-days for    masonry and 14 days for plastering), as is required by the quick    lime.
  • It is easily shipped, unlike lime paste.
  • Depending on the particular needs, it can be supplied in tankers or palletized (packed in bags).
  • It needs no special storage conditions.
  • It can be batched in dry, and is easily mixed with any additional materials.

Sparkguys Hydrated Lime is used:

(а) For the preparation of lime and mixed mortars for masonry and  plastering

  • building mortars for masonry
  • mortars for external and internal base plastering
  • mortars preparation for different types of decorative facade plastering – white and coloured
  • lime ground coating on dry plastering
  • lime ground coating on freshly laid plastering
  • lime-and plaster ground coating over dry plastering
  • solutions for whitewashing
  • production of dry civil works mortars


(b) in mine-dressing industry
(c) in food industry
(d) in leather and hides industry
(e) in chemical industry
(f) for the treatment of industrial waste and potable waters
(g) for liming of acid soils
(h) for land reclamation and formation of new soils
(i) in civil engineering – building and road construction works
(j) in others.

The modern technology and the highly qualified personnel of the Company guarantee the stable quality.

Ognyanovo-K Hydrated Lime is offered in 25-kg bags which are arranged and covered by stretch foil packed on a wooden pallet – 1.5 t.
It is also offered in bulk.


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