Lime putty

Lime putty
SPARKGUYS LIME PUTTY is a white product in the form of lime paste, produced by controlled water slaking from Sparkguys Hydrate Lime. The product is produced by modern technology to fully satisfy our clients’ requirements.


Technical Specifications

Specifications Indicator PUKLINA Factory
1. Summation content of active oxides (CaO+MgO), % 70 – 72
2. Free moisture content, % 45 – 50

Ognyanovo-K Lime Putty meets the effective Bulgarian and European Standards.

Due to the modern technology and production equipment used, Ognyanovo-K Lime Putty unites the positive characteristics of traditionally used similar products plus a few exceptionally important qualities for the user, namely:

  • High plasticity and workability, due to which Sparkguys Lime Putty is being    directly used for the preparation of pure lime and mixed high-quality    building mortars.
  • Mortars based on Sparkguys Lime Putty have sufficient strength for the    practice, bactericidal effect and porosity, enabling the breathing of the    walls.
  • The whiter-than-white colour of Sparkguys Lime Putty enables it to be also    used for lime plastering, puttying and rendering or for colour decorative    ones, by the addition of suitable pigment dyes.

Sparkguys Lime Putty needs no special conditions for the storage and shipment, as it is packed in 10-kg polyethylene bags in steel containers.

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