SPARKGUYS FLUE GAS DESULPHURIZATION MATERIALS ( FGD) are crushed and ground limestone, which are used for the neutralization of injurious acid components from the fumes and waste gases, as well as such contained in water solutions.

For this purpose the limestone is crushed to sizes required by the method selected by our clients. Such material of ours shall be used for the neutralization of the sulphur and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas of the Maritsa-East 3 Combined Heat and Power Plant. Work is in process on limestone oxidation suspension method, and calcium sulphate dihydrate is turned out as finished product out of which different gypsum binders will be produced.

The potential of the neutralization of waste acidic water solutions in the production of sulphuric acid and in hydro-metallurgy and the enrichment of ores is being studied. Parallel to the carbon dioxide separated, sediments of gypsum and metallic calcium compounds are also being produced.

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