Few people realize the importance of limestone in their daily life. Practically every ordinary product in the household contains this material in some or other form – from medical pills and the toothpaste, to adhesives binding the faience in the bathroom, from the roof tiles to the floor carpeting, from the window panes to the jars in the larder.

Limestone and its derivatives contained in the soil and in animal foods, along the gastrointestinal tract are stored in the bones of our bodies. Its properties as a neutralizer and cleaner are essential for the preservation of our natural environment, by fertilizing agricultural land and maintaining its fertility.
Its benefit is immeasurable: it balances acidity in the soil, improves the draining and airing of the growing of plants and contributes to improving yields; scrubs the sulphur emissions from the electric power plants. Limestone is also used for the correction of the chemical acidity in waters.

The list underneath shows some of the general applications of limestone and its products.


Limestone applications

Fractions Steel production
– concrete production Iron production
– road surfacing Aluminium production from bauxite
– asphalt production Glass production
– railway lines Ceramics production
– drainage and filtering Mineral wool production
Raw material for plastering Flue gas desulphurization
Cut stone Paper manufacture
Cement production Organic chemicals production
– Portland type cement Bleaching component
– mixed type Rock powder in mining
– building type Potable water treatment
– calcium aluminate Waste water treatment
Acidic soil treatment Sodium dichromate production
Fertilizers manufacture Calcium zirconite production
Food additive in poultry raising Treatment of copper, lead, zinc and antimony ores
Neutralization of acidic rains Lime production


Quick, hydrated lime and lime putty application

Soil treatment Sugar production
Road surfacing Leather and hides treatment
Asphalt production Pesticides production
Civil Engineering Flue gas desulphurization
– plastifier product – wet scrubbers
– calcium silicate production – semidry scrubbers
– plastering production – high temperature dry injection
– lime bricks production – low temperature dry injection
– ACC production – heavy metals reduction
Sintering – dioxins reduction
Iron production Glues and gelatin production
Steel manufacture and processing Dairy production
Potable water treatment Fruit and vegetables treatment
Waste water treatment Glass production
Sewage treatment Crude oil production
Water vapor treatment Dyes production
Acidic soils treatment Fuel briquettes production
Fertilizers manufacture Soda production
Animal organic waste treatment Refractor bricks production
Ores flotation Treatment of contaminated soils

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